Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

So I know I am way behind on blogging...but I figured this was worthy of taking a few minutes to blog about! Things have been super crazy around the Brown house. With Chris starting his new position (HR - nothing like a little friendly competition!) in a new store (much higher volume than he's worked in before) and with the usual craziness of this time of year in retail prepping for the holidays, we've had little time to sit back and just relax. Well yesterday, I was able to coerce my sweet, creative friend, Laura, to come over while Chris was at work and help me decorate for Christmas (wanted to do it before work totally sucked me in and I knew my next day off after Black Friday, I was going to want to do nothing but sit...and bake...) And let me tell you! I owe her huge. Our house (okay, really just living room) looks beautiful!! I'm so pleased with the way everything came together. Here a few pictures of Christmas at the Browns!

My precious friend adding another "twirly" to the tree!

Happy Thanksgiving week! :)

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