Thursday, November 24, 2011


"So thank God for his marvelous love, for his miracle mercy to the children he loves..." Psalm 107:15

There is so much to be thankful for this year that I could go on and on. Chris and I are truly blessed. Good health, good jobs, great friends and family that love, support, and pray for us daily. 

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving this year with Chris's family!

Super blurry, but a good family picture

Where the boys spent most of their day...Call of Duty. Go figure!

Game of Things! SO fun!


Ryan & Nicole

My Wonderful In-Laws :)

Everyone hanging out in the kitchen for round 2

So blurry, but I thought it was a cute picture!

And just for kicks and giggles...I took this picture going into work on TUESDAY!!! Tuesday people....seriously?!!! Black Friday is tomorrow. Bring. It. On.

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