Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend, Chris and I spent most of Saturday doing some much needed cleaning up around the house.  Chris got the fun stuff outside (mowing, edging, car washing, etc...), as well as finishing up painting some doors and the windowsill in our kitchen. And I got to take care of your typical wife duties (cleaning, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting) - all those things I really enjoy! HA! 

Saturday night, we got to enjoy having some friends down to our side of town to go eat dinner and then come back to our house for dessert and game night! Caylin and I went to Baylor together and shared many memories during my time there. We were both float chairs (she taught me everything I know!) and during her 5th year, her apartment - The Box - was my second home. We're thankful her BF lives in Houston so she gets to visit often, but if anyone is looking to hire a well qualified fashion merchandiser, holla! I need to get this girl down to H-Town for good!  

We ate dinner at T-Bone Tom's. It was featured on Diners, Dives, and Drive-In's a few years ago!
Once we were done with dinner (and completely over sweating)...we headed back to our house. The game we decided on was Cranium! Pop Culture. We had a great time! We had each other laughing so hard there were tears with our below par drawings, sculptings, hummings, etc. We played 2 rounds. Round 1 went to Caylin and Jonathan...Round 2 - to the girls! (We decided that made Cay the ultimate winner, since she won both rounds!)

Our resident sculpting pro - who knew?!

We were extremely focused - and it paid off!

10 points to anyone who guesses this band!
Drawing compliments of my incredibly talented husband.

But in the end...

Sunday we enjoyed having a clean house, spent a little time at the pool, Chris washed HIS car, then we went to his parents' house for a nice home cooked meal (Chris said it had been a while since he had one of those...not really sure how to take that! LOL). Now we're just resting up to start another week! Chris starts week 3 of his remodel -- only 11 more to go! We're starting to plan a weekend getaway to celebrate the completion! 

Until next time...


  1. I'm gonna take a guess... Def Leppard?

  2. You're good!! What gave it away? The line through something that looks relative to an ear? Or the stick with a tail? haha

  3. Haha most definitely the ear. I kept thinking "okay, no ear... deaf? Def Leppard. Wait, that's supposed to be a leopard?!"