Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Trip to Dallas

So I feel like all I ever post about (okay...all of about 3 posts I've ever done) have been around our weekends. And honestly, it's because that's the only time we have anything exciting going on outside of our normal routine of work, eat, sleep. This weekend was no different. Saturday morning we hit the road for Dallas to celebrate my sweet friend Genna's wedding day. Genna was my "big sis" in Chi O and one of the first friends I made at Baylor. She's definitely one of the reasons that my transition to college was so easy. Anyway...Saturday she married her prince, Newton, and it was no doubt a beautiful ceremony and reception that just reflected Genna in every way. I am so excited for them and what lies ahead and even more excited to welcome her to the "married club"!

On our way to Dallas, Chris and I stopped at Sam's Restaurant in Fairfield, Texas. Chris's Mawmaw and Pawpaw used to live on a farm in Fairfield and he spent a lot of his childhood going to visit them out in the country! When they would go visit, every Sunday consisted of church in the morning, then lunch at Sam's afterward. It was so fun to hear some of his memories of Fairfield and finally getting to see a little piece of it. (By the way - lunch was DELICIOUS! If you're ever headed anywhere on I-45 - we recommend stopping at Sam's!)

Funny side story before I share pictures from the wedding. Chris and I decided to get a hotel last minute and stay near the reception venue. We arrived Saturday afternoon and when we got to the lobby of the hotel we quickly found out that there was a Mary Kay convention going on. There were so many women - everywhere! And of course...all wearing some form of pink. You can imagine the looks on our faces when we came around the corner and saw it all! On to some wedding pictures...

I'm really not that short, Paige is just really tall!

Genna & Newton's first dance

Our Chi Omega Family - Genna is my big sis
and I'm Paige's big sis

Me and my handsome hubby :)

Chi O's singing "Shades"

It was such a fun wedding! Genna and Newton - congrats you two! Hope you thoroughly enjoy your vacation to St. Maarten!

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