Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Since when...

...did I reach the age that new blinds would excite me?! I've been extremely hesitant to post pictures of the house because we have been anxiously awaiting getting new faux wood blinds in our bedroom and living room/breakfast area. Here are some before and after pictures and a small peak into our cozy home :)

Before - Master Bedroom
After - Master Bedroom (I know, the picture is off center now - I'll fix it!)
Crazy how much it brightens/opens up the room!
Before - Living Room (See why I've been so hesitant?! GROSS!)
Before - Breakfast Area (Yes! Those awful panels were on both HUGE windows!)
After - Living Room/Breakfast Area

It really made a big difference and already makes it feel more like "home"! We have some paint touch ups to do from where the panels were previously, but we already think it looks so much better! The pictures don't do it justice! 

And one more living room pic, just for kicks :)  I'll post more pictures of the whole house later! I have to find my camera cord :( 

Until next time...

Ps. Chris has 6 weeks of remodel left! And we're looking forward to this...a long weekend in New Orleans! 

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  1. like the new blinds and the yellow and grey color scheme in yo bedroom...that's what i'm doing in our new apt! :)